Tough Love: What Excuses Keep You From Reaching Your Health Goals?

November 5, 2012 · 2 comments


Have the words, “I just love food too much!” ever been your validation as to why you can’t lose weight and be the person you want to be? It’s OK, I used to say that, too. Really, there was a time when I was convinced that the fabulously fit and skinny minis of the world (with seemingly effortless willpower) were hand-selected by God. The unicorns. The lucky ones. But now that we know why comparing yourself to others hinders weight loss efforts, it’s time to forget about everyone else—and take an honest look at YOU.

What excuses are holding you back? Busy.Tired.Kids.Work.Finances.Cravings.Weekend. What is it? I understand all of the above, but there comes a time when you need to sit down and figure out how you will start making changes. (Don’t forget: If you fail to make a plan, you plan to fail!) Does your attitude need adjusting? Can you make breakfast a priority? Do you need to make better choices at dinner?

And start small. Don’t let an all-or-nothing mentality keep you from making steps forward. If you’re not ready to even think about cutting out some of your favorite foods, then start making a mindful effort to always leave a few bites left on your plate, or eat half of everything. As you know, I used to be the world’s worst weekend binge eater. Now, I treat myself once or twice on the weekend (not always though), and I keep the indulgence sensible.

For instance, Saturday night Liza and I went to Bareburger in the Upper East side. I contemplated getting a portabello mushroom sandwich, but realized that the classic organic grass-fed burger was what I really wanted. And sure, fries would have been tasty, but they weren’t particularly calling to me, so I opted for a side salad. I also skipped an alcoholic beverage in favor of a PB-chocolate milkshake. (I’m still dreaming about it!)

I let Liza have a taste and then it was all mine. I left a few big, juicy bites of beef behind, but I gulped down the shake faster than you can say this-is-going-straight-to-my-ass. I wish I had slowed down a bit, but oh well—I’m brushing it off. Learning lesson! And instead of using the ol “It’s the weekend, I deserve a treat!” excuse on Sunday, I made an extra effort to make better choices. Here was my day of eats:

Breakfast: Grande Soy Misto at Starbucks + Hard-Boiled egg + Oatmeal w/ half banana and nuts

Lunch: Another Hard-Boiled egg + 2% Fage yogurt w/ cut-up apple + Handful of granola

Dinner: (4) Arugula-Hummus Tortillas + 1/2 Sweet Potato!

My dinner was on the bigger side, but I didn’t snack all day or have any sweets. And I drank loooots of water. Always. I also tried Pink’s ab workout from the November issue of SHAPE at the gym—it’s a goodun.’ Hello #fitspiration!

Tell me: What excuses are holding you back from reaching your health goals? Did you have any memorable eats over the weekend to report?

**Need help with your health and lifestyle goals? Want to lose weight without obsessing about every bite you put into your mouth? I’m a Board Certified Health Coach + Emotional Eating Expert; contact me for a free consultation and let’s get started!

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lizac November 5, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Still dreaming of my bison burger with maple bacon + fries. I blamed my bad eating on Sandy last week…no more excuses!


Wannabe Health Nut November 6, 2012 at 12:17 am

@lizac Sometimes you need a setback to propel you forward. Post-Sandy Operation GET FIT starts….now!


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