My Snow Day Eats: 3 Easy Comfort Food Recipes

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Cooking…eating…trying not to think about eating…it’s hard not to do all three of those things in abundance on a snow day. Juno turned out to be a bit of a letdown, but I still hibernated in my apartment all day long. I think I have officially decided that I could never work from home full-time because I would never shower or get out of my pajamas. Kudos to those who do it successfully!

My view. Not very impressive, I know. Well at least I didn’t hole up and inhale sleeves of Oreos all day long. Or put away pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. That certainly sounds like an old-Ellen thing to do.

So let’s discuss my favorite meal of the day, shall we? Despite the dropping temps, I’ve been really into smoothies for breakfast lately. Smoothies are a comfort food to me in the sense that they satisfy my cravings for something cool and creamy. I always feel good starting my day this way, especially if dinner the night before was more indulgent than usual.

In the blender went: a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, a pear, 1 tbsp peanut butter, ice + just enough water and milk to get everything moving. I usually always throw in spinach, too, but the grocery store across the street was all out. Imagine that. Apparently spinach was on everyone’s Juno shopping list!

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The one positive thing about working from home; however, is that you can eat breakfast for lunch if you want to. That is always a win in my book. Avocado toast has also been a favorite, hearty any-time meal recently. I always feel satiated after consuming a tasty dose of healthy fats!

I simply mashed half of an avocado with juice from one lime, a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of red pepper flakes and salt + pepper. Delicious! And what’s a better accompaniment than sweet potato fries?

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I was craving something easy and comforting for dinner, so for a rare treat I decided to make mac ‘n ‘cheese following this recipe. Unfortunately, the store was also out of cauliflower, so I had to omit it, but I definitely want to make it again for another time. (More volume for fewer calories? Yes, please.) At least I had some kale and jalapenos on hand — those suckers added a nice kick. I enjoyed this comfort-food dinner while catching up on Girls and remembering the days when I ate Cool Whip right from the container, just like Hannah.

All in all, I think my snow day eats were  a success. I didn’t go crazy at the store stocking up on goods because as I know from experience, if it’s in the house I’ll consume it. I made sure I had my favorite essentials, and it was easier for me to stay on track. The food item I didn’t capture? A couple spoonfuls of peanut butter because it was the closest thing to a treat that I had — other than fruit, that is. I need to plan out a healthy baking project next time!

Tell me: What are your favorite snow day foods and meals?


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