Eggs: More Harmful Than Cigarettes?

August 17, 2012 · 7 comments


By pure coincidence, I put up a post on WHN’s Facebook page about the benefits of egg yolks, and around the same time an article came out stating that eggs yolks are possibly worse than cigarettes. Heh. Both my brother and boyfriend were quick to point this out upon seeing my Facebook post, so I decided to raise the issue here. I really don’t want to get super in-depth or scientific here, but I have to say that I think this study is pretty ridiculous. The article even states that “research should be done to take in possible confounders such as exercise and waist circumference,” and stresses that “regular consumption of egg yolk should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease.” (Ya think?) And according to Mark’s Daily Apple, the people in the study who ate the most eggs ALSO smoked the most and were the most diabetic. (I only have access to the abstract of the study.) So sure, if you are a smoker who doesn’t exercise and regularly consumes sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuits at McDonalds, then egg yolks may play a part in how you leave this world. But my hunch is that if you are an active person who eats a (mostly) nutritious diet, a few eggs here and there aren’t gonna kill ya. If you’re healthy, the cholesterol your body naturally produces knows how to process and balance out incoming cholesterol from other sources, such as eggs. If you’re clogging up your arteries with French fries and cigarettes, then of course eggs might negatively affect your health. At least that’s my belief. Take it or leave it, folks.

Now, I eat about seven egg yolks a week—sometimes less, sometimes more. Eggs are affordable, delicious and yes, nutritious. (Check out this chart if you want to see the benefits of egg whites vs. yolks). Among many other benefits, this high-quality protein keeps you full for longer, and the yolk contains many important vitamins like A & E and fatty acids that are vital for brain and eye health—and help keep your hair, skin and libido healthy to boot! It has also been well documented that an egg breakfast is connected to weight loss, too.

There are so many uneducated people out there when it comes to nutrition, so it concerned me when two of the brightest guys I know alerted me of this new study, convinced (at least initially) of its validity. I think they might have skimmed the article or only had only noticed the headline, but still, catchy, “clickable” news headlines can be dangerous! (Literally!) And maybe this study does hold some water in certain aspects, but until more substantial research is done, I think I’ll continue to enjoy my favorite egg breakfast. Plus, I would seriously hate for smokers to feel excused of their deadly habit, as if to think: “Well, I smoke…but I won’t eat eggs!” Although, let’s get real. If I read a sensational headline: “New Study: Ice Cream is Healthier Than Spinach!” I think we all know I’d sprint to the nearest Baskin Robbins quicker than you can say Mint-Chocolate-Chip!

And now, a small tribute to eggs—one of my all-time favorite foods:

-Caprese-Baked Egg Cups a la How Sweet Eats

-Healthy Tipping Point’s 15-Minute Breakfast Scramble

-2-Ingredient (Egg+Banana) Pancakes from Carrots ‘n’ Cake

-Apple Cheddar Bacon Frittata via Kath Eats

And last night’s dinner was inspired by this omelette-making tutorial by Biggest Loser winner, Olivia Ward. I actually met Olivia at a PUMA press event earlier this year in Miami—she is so freakin’ cool! And nice. :) First, I sauteed the onions in a pan for a few minutes and then I added the remaining ingredients: asparagus, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and shredded parmesan cheese. After a few more minutes of cooking, I added two eggs. Simple. (Note: Make sure you dry your veggies really well before you do this. My omelette turned out a little watery, but it was tasty all the same!)

Plus, I added sweet potato fries on the side—another one of my very favorite foods. (Here: Ideas on how to cook with sweet potatoes). So there you have it, folks, a veggie-packed omelette. Think it’ll kill me? I’ll take my chances. :)

Tell me: What are your favorite ways to eat eggs? And what do you think about this new study?


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