“Life has a funny way of getting in the way of my best laid plans. For example, I finally set a realistic goal to try to lose 30 pounds in a healthy way, and so I hired Ellen to help me figure out the best way to do that. With her guidance, enthusiasm and encouragement, the first two months were amazing—I was really feeling (and seeing) lots of positive results. Then I got pregnant and all my plans fell to the wayside. However, with Ellen’s assistance, I was able to still change my habits and reach new goals. Perhaps best of all, she gave me pointers on how to lower my stress levels and quell the negative inner voice that often derails all my healthy eating (which was actually more important than ever now that I had a bun in the oven). I can’t praise her enough: She never finger wags or makes you feel like a failure if you do get off course. Also, there’s nothing that’s off topic and she always comes up with easy to understand informational handouts as well as delicious recipes that I actually WANT to try. She’s the best!”
—Magazine editor & mother of two, NYC

“Working with Ellen has truly been inspiring.  I love her approach on living a healthy lifestyle.  I have learned that making positive changes should not be labeled as a “diet,” but more of a sustainable, lifestyle change.  She does not make me feel bad if I eat something I am not proud of—she simply helps me come up with ways to get back on track and be healthy for the rest of the day!  I love all of her ideas and tips on how to add more veggies and salads to my diet, so I can still enjoy some of the items that I crave, however I can also fill up on the good stuff, too.” — Marissa Rudolph, 28, NYC

“When Ellen walked into my life (Literally. We randomly met in a NYC restaurant.) the false “all or nothing” diet dichotomy I had been maintaining for years fell away. The first thing she taught me was that before changing my body, I had to change my mind. That meant realizing that those near-daily McDonald’s breakfast runs didn’t really save me any time. And that I didn’t even really like the taste of Diet Coke, even though I’d been damn near addicted to it for twelve years! I no longer drink it.  And ironically, all my mid-afternoon snack cravings went right out the door with it! Overall, it meant realizing that baby steps matter.  And that makes a difference.  With Ellen’s help, I’ve found ways to add healthy foods to my diet and more activity to my day. I’ve joined a gym, started spinning again and got a Capital Bikeshare membership.  I also don’t stress about the occasional treat – I allow it and move on. I can also fit into jeans again that I haven’t been able to wear in years! Sure, I’ve read all these tips in the magazines, but there’s something about working with a coach that really makes it hit home.  And moreover, there’s something about that coach being Ellen.  My investment in my time with Ellen was an investment in MYSELF.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
— Caroline Knox, 33, Arlington, VA

“I highly recommend Ellen for anyone who is looking to get on the right track with their health and fitness. The great thing about working with her is that she really listens to what you need. She gives advice, teaches and creates a plan  that is custom just for you. She is very in tune with what you need and makes everything fun and positive. She’s also unique and relatable because she’s been through her own weight and food struggles. She has become her own success story and now has the tools and solutions to teach others how to overcome their health challenges. She just gets it!” — Kelly S., 32, Lexington, KY

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