Welcome to Wannabe Health Nut! I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t to get to know each other better. For years I have read (and obsessed over!) healthy living blogs, and finally decided to take the plunge and start one of my own. I hope that you find my little corner of the blog-o-sphere to be inspirational, informative, humorous and inside-your-head relatable.


I’ve worked as an editor/writer/reporter in the magazine publishing industry for the past seven years, but decided to pursue a career in nutrition when my passion for it became too big to ignore. In September 2012, I received my Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and have a growing client roster! Through the school, I learned about dozens of dietary theories and ideals from the best nutritionists, doctors and health advocates in the world. And not only did I gain invaluable information during the course of my program, but I’m now eating more nutritious and whole foods, and developing sustainable healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

My mission is to help people stop yo-yo dieting and binge eating, and to create a healthy and balanced mentality around food. If you’d like a free consultation to discuss your health goals and learn more about how I can help you achieve them, please contact me here.


As a self-diagnosed emotional eater, my journey to becoming my best, happiest, healthiest self is an ongoing one. Because I believe that most things in life worth having take work and conscious effort, I welcome the process. Like everyone else, I have setbacks and issues around food, but mostly, I live a balanced, healthy lifestyle that doesn’t involve gimmicky diets or quick-fix solutions.

I am extremely interested in what I call “food psychology”— the mental and emotional reasons behind what we choose to eat. Many of my posts will offer my inner food dialogue to give you an idea of how and why I make my food choices. I will always be open and honest—even if it makes me seem a bit crazy!

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Fitness has always been an important part of my life. I was a competitive swimmer throughout my childhood and teenage years, and while I don’t miss two-a-day practices and 5 a.m. wake up calls, the discipline and work ethic I learned through this sport has served me well throughout my life.

Currently, I enjoy running, Bethenny Frankel yoga DVDs, Tracy Anderson glute workouts, walking and any type of exercise that solely uses my body weight. (Pushups, planks, dips, squat jumps—you name it!) I also just started taking tennis lessons and love Shala House yoga classes and sweating it out in SoulCycle when my bank account allows . :)


Most weekends I can be found running, eating, and socializing my way around the East Village where I live with my boyfriend, Luke. There are so many awesome restaurants and bars (not to mention, interesting characters!) in my ‘hood that I rarely leave it—unless it’s to travel uptown to see my sister, Liza. Fun Fact: I’m a triplet! (Our brother, Foster, lives in Ohio.) I love watching movies, British sitcoms and Breaking Bad on Sunday night.

*Please note: While I hope that WHN inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle, keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. Utilize the bits that make sense for you and leave behind what does not. And please, consult a doctor before making any big nutritional or physical changes.

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kepresto August 29, 2012 at 12:35 am

I just found your blog and I feel like you are my long lost twin. :)   I have a very similar food philosophy and I started at IIN in October of 2011.  It is nice to see somebody else addressing the emotional components to nutrition.  I was beginning to think I was crazy. :)


Wannabe Health Nut August 29, 2012 at 9:19 am

 @kepresto Hey there! I’m so happy a fellow IIN-er found me. :) I’m already a triplet, but you can be an honorary sibling. Ha! The emotional aspect of food is SO important in helping people make healthy changes. It would be crazy not to address it!


Jennifer October 21, 2014 at 9:07 am

LOVE Breaking Bad!! I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on Jesse…love love love him.


Ellen October 22, 2014 at 2:44 pm

A bit of a crush on Jesse? Or a MASSIVE crush on Jesse? Because my crush is the latter. haha. Love him and that show so much it’s almost embarrassing!


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