Cooking…eating…trying not to think about eating…it’s hard not to do all three of those things in abundance on a snow day. Juno turned out to be a bit of a letdown, but I still hibernated in my apartment all day long. I think I have officially decided that I could never work from home full-time because I would never shower or get out of my pajamas. Kudos to those who do it successfully!

My view. Not very impressive, I know. Well at least I didn’t hole up and inhale sleeves of Oreos all day long. Or put away pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. That certainly sounds like an old-Ellen thing to do.

So let’s discuss my favorite meal of the day, shall we? Despite the dropping temps, I’ve been really into smoothies for breakfast lately. Smoothies are a comfort food to me in the sense that they satisfy my cravings for something cool and creamy. I always feel good starting my day this way, especially if dinner the night before was more indulgent than usual.

In the blender went: a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, a pear, 1 tbsp peanut butter, ice + just enough water and milk to get everything moving. I usually always throw in spinach, too, but the grocery store across the street was all out. Imagine that. Apparently spinach was on everyone’s Juno shopping list!

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The one positive thing about working from home; however, is that you can eat breakfast for lunch if you want to. That is always a win in my book. Avocado toast has also been a favorite, hearty any-time meal recently. I always feel satiated after consuming a tasty dose of healthy fats!

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Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying this festive time of year — I certainly have. Although, I did so much running around to prepare for Christmas that I’m now completely drained. As a result, I’m going keep the writing to a minimum on this post and to let the photos speak for themselves. I know you understand.

I whipped up these Martha Stewart buttermilk pancakes on Christmas Eve morning. We had oatmeal the next day, but that’s not nearly as exciting.

My mom gave us this new ornament. It’s personalized with our names and wedding date on the back — too cute!

I got several nice gifts, but these were my favorite. What can I say? I’m easy to please. Luke gave me the gift cards and my mother-in-law, Kathryn, gave me the slippers. I have worn them every day since!

They reminded me of my favorite holiday movie, The Ref. Slipper socks…medium. Anyone else with me on this one?

Luke and Kathryn did the majority of the cooking, so it was my job to set the table and shove everything under our bed tidy the apartment before our friends Andy and Hisa arrived. Don’t you love our faux fireplace? Oh and yes, we named our tree Eric. I made a rule a few years ago that all plants in our home will be given a name starting with the letter “E.” Last year’s tree was Eleanora and the rubber plant to the right is Eugene. Random traditions are fun! Some people talk about their pets like they are people and that’s what we do with plants. Eric looks beautiful, doesn’t he? Do you think Eric is thirsty? Hehe.

We felt pretty fancy using our fine china for the first time!

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