Better late than never, right?! I haven’t posted since the beginning of the year when I found out I was pregnant because I just needed a little break and quite frankly, some extra sleep and downtime. But I thought I might regret not documenting my first pregnancy, so I decided that turning to the blog to get all my thoughts together would be a good idea — even if only 10 of you are reading! So, here’s a recap of my first and second trimester:

Symptoms: I was pregnant for a solid month before I realized it. The extreme fatigue I was experiencing should have been my first clue, and I remember complaining to my mom every morning on my walk to work about how tiiiiiired I was. I chalked it up to a post-holiday season crash (I did spread myself a little thin around that time), and didn’t take a pregnancy test until my boobs started feeling really sensitive and painful to the touch.

I almost feel guilty for reporting that I did not have any morning sickness. I completely lucked out there. (How many of you hate me now?!)  I only experienced a 48-hour stomach bug that was so wretched I thought I’d never feel well again, but sure enough it passed. Besides fatigue, my biggest gripe during the first trimester was constipation. It was quite uncomfortable and every time I ate a meal I got full so quickly. Luckily, that eventually passed, too. However, my relatively “easy” pregnancy was not completely unicorns and rainbows. From day one, I had to give myself daily blood thinner injections. I have a family history of blood clotting and since pregnancy elevates your risk for clots, my OB wanted me to do these as a precaution. I hate needles and for the first few months the injections left me in bruises because I just wasn’t quite getting the hang of doing it smoothly. It eventually got easier and still to this day I am shocked that I am able to do this!

First trimester fatigue during pregnancy is no joke!Luke caught me sneaking in a nap right in the middle of folding laundry. I was cashed out! (Who knows why am I using a third pillow as a shield?!)

Cravings: This is always the first thing I ask pregnant women: What are you CRAVING?! Every time I anticipate a seriously indulgent or interesting answer, but unfortunately I don’t have one to share myself. I definitely craved carbs more during the first trimester and it’s obvious why: I was TIRED. All the time. I ate egg burritos and veggie quesadillas for lunch when normally I would have been more than satisfied with a hearty salad. It also became nearly impossible for me to resist muffins or banana bread at the coffee shop near my office. Even with these “cravings,” I tried to be reasonable. I ate a small side salad or raw veggies with my lunch most days, and many times I would eat the top of a muffin and throw the rest in the trash. Whatever works, right?!

Thankfully, I did not have any serious food aversions. I have heard that it is common for pregnant women to have gag-like reactions eggs and veggies (and other specific foods), and I am so glad that did not happen to me. My beloved eggs! Veggies weren’t as appealing during the first trimester, but I made a good effort to eat them daily and I was usually glad I did.

Pregnancy cravings: Cheese and CrackersMy carb cravings decreased in the second trimester and cheese, Mary’s Gone crackers and cold plain seltzer water (from a can) soon became my new favorite snack. I’m really not a cheese person, so this definitely felt like a pregnancy craving!

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Cooking…eating…trying not to think about eating…it’s hard not to do all three of those things in abundance on a snow day. Juno turned out to be a bit of a letdown, but I still hibernated in my apartment all day long. I think I have officially decided that I could never work from home full-time because I would never shower or get out of my pajamas. Kudos to those who do it successfully!

My view. Not very impressive, I know. Well at least I didn’t hole up and inhale sleeves of Oreos all day long. Or put away pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. That certainly sounds like an old-Ellen thing to do.

So let’s discuss my favorite meal of the day, shall we? Despite the dropping temps, I’ve been really into smoothies for breakfast lately. Smoothies are a comfort food to me in the sense that they satisfy my cravings for something cool and creamy. I always feel good starting my day this way, especially if dinner the night before was more indulgent than usual.

In the blender went: a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, a pear, 1 tbsp peanut butter, ice + just enough water and milk to get everything moving. I usually always throw in spinach, too, but the grocery store across the street was all out. Imagine that. Apparently spinach was on everyone’s Juno shopping list!

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The one positive thing about working from home; however, is that you can eat breakfast for lunch if you want to. That is always a win in my book. Avocado toast has also been a favorite, hearty any-time meal recently. I always feel satiated after consuming a tasty dose of healthy fats!

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