One struggle that I face as a Health Coach is that I’m also…a real person. I slip up. I eat my feelings when I’m sad/bored/happy. Yes, happy. I eat handfuls of nuts that I don’t even want while I cook dinner. I eat peanut butter out of the jar and enjoy more ice cream cones than my Instagram account lets on. Are you judging me yet?


And…I eat too fast. It is not uncommon for me to finish a meal in under 10 minutes no matter how hard I try to slow…my…roll. Breathe. Chew. Put your fork down. Breathe…chew…screw it. Done. At restaurants I eat more bread and drink more wine than I truly want because, well, everyone else is doing it! I want to fit in. I want people to LIKE.ME. I’m not boring! See? Chug chug chug. Another glass of PEE-NO GREEEEGIO? Sure!  And last weekend, I ate mini cupcakes and coconut macaroons right in front of one of my clients. What’s wrong with me? Do I really want to be that real? I’m all for authenticity, but…
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Hey guys! A lot of people have asked me about my Blue Apron experience, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my opinion of what the pros and cons are of this meal delivery service. Let’s get to the good stuff first…

The Pros:

1.Fresh Food: One thing that’s tough about purchasing your own produce is that it’s either not as fresh or vibrant as you’d like it to be, or it just don’t last a very long time. (Don’t you hate wasting food because you couldn’t use it quick enough before it went bad?) The produce and meat that comes in a Blue Apron box is packaged so well (see #4) that it always not only tasted fresh, but lasted quite a while in a fridge…sometimes as long as two weeks!

2. Affordable: Each box comes with ingredients for three meals and (at least) two servings per meal. At $9.99 per serving, the entire box is just under $60, which is pretty good considering you can’t get a salad in NYC for less than $10 to save your life. Plus, most of the portions are pretty huge and I many times I had leftovers for lunch the next day. So you were paying for six servings, but most of the time I got at least eight serves out of one box.

3. New Ingredients: As you’ll see in my “cons” list below, many of the ingredients were a bit more exotic than necessary for the type of cooking I want to do. However, Blue Apron gave me the opportunity to experiment with ingredients I had been wanting to cook with, but just never got around to for whatever reason. For instance, soba and udon noodles. Bok choy. Eggplant. Lemon grass. Have you peeled a stalk of lemon grass and put it up to your nose? Amazing. And beets! Who knew beets were so easy and delicious to cook right in your own kitchen? Before Blue Apron, I only ate beets at restaurants. And well, I now know how to make rhubarb jam. I can’t say for sure I will ever make it again, but that’s still a nice little ace to have up my cooking sleeve.

4. Packaging and Instructions: Everything is portioned out so that you have the exact amount you need and packaged neatly and securely in small containers and seal-tight baggies. One of my favorite healthy living bloggers gives a step-by-step peek at the packaging and cooking experience here.

5. Meal selection: There’s something for vegetarians, carnivores and everything in between. You can look at the menus in advance and change your preference from week to week based on what looks best to you. I really liked this  flexibility and mixed it up often!

Fish tacos, lamb burgers, noodle soups and salads — I enjoyed many tasty Blue Apron meals over the past several months!
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